Ottermesser: the firm founded in 1840 is a manufacture for timless Quality pieces where all knifes are still handmade in Germany.

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ED-55 Edwin Europe x Edwin Japan collab for A/W 2014 that celebrates the workmanship and Japanese craftsmanship in denim making. 14oz vintage rainbow selvedge exclusively produced by the famous Nihon Menpu mill. 

Tellason Palmer Jacket White Oak Cone Mills Red Selvage

New in the Filson Briefcase Computer Bag in Black. The new colour is also available as Original Briefcase and Tote Bag.


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Our beanies made from either chilean merino wool, virginwool and mohair.

Zilla backpack from the Dolomites, still hand crafted in Italy, Red Wing Harvester made in USA, Norse Projects Socks and Otterwax Shoe brush and Wax

At Capsule Paris Show.

Newseum 2014

Edwin Rainbow Selvedge.

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